Forklift tyres can be solid or pneumatic, with each type being suitable for certain applications. Solid tyres, as the name suggests, are not air filled, comes in different layers. For example, 2-layers solid tyres are suitable for forklifts used for 8-10 hours per day intermittently. 3-layer solid tyres are suitable for forklifts used for 15-16 hours per day continuously. It is very important to supply the exact tyre suitable for that particular application otherwise the tyre may fail, and the customer may not get enough life out of that tyre. Solid tyres are fitted to the wheel rim using a hydraulic tyre press to mount them onto the rim. Solid tyres offer unmatched durability and a stable platform for Forklifts and Telehandlers and are an excellent choice for a warehouse environment where vibration is not a concern. Solid tyres are 100% puncture proof and hence there is no downtime.

Pneumatic tyres on the other hand are air-filled and are tubetype i.e. they are supplied with tube and flap, sometimes also supplied as tubeless (i.e. without tube & flap) for high-speed performance. Pneumatic tyres are available in multiple tread patterns and offer a more comfortable ride, minimizing the vibration applied to the machine and its driver. Pneumatic tyres are vulnerable to punctures, however, wear out quicker than solid tyres.

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