PRESS ON BANDS Press-on-bands are a solid band of rubber that is bonded to a steel band. Press on bands are normally fitted to machines that only work inside and in areas with smooth floors. They are not very thick and so have very poor cushioning/suspension properties. A special tyre press is required to fit these tyres. The process […]


PNEUMATIC TYRES Pneumatic air-filled tyres are normally fitted to larger machines and side loaders, often because pneumatic tyres provide much more cushioning/suspension than solid tyres. Pneumatic tyres are air filled like normal car tyres for example, and often require an inner tube and tyre flap to keep them inflated. Some manufacturers supply the tyre, inner tube and a […]


SOLID TYRES The most commonly used tyre type is solid tyres, sometimes known as solid resilient tyres and pneumatic shaped solids. These are made of solid rubber material so are not inflated/air filled like pneumatic tyres. They are therefore puncture proof and wear very well extending the life of tyre and thus reducing the cost per hour. […]

Why Non Marking Tyres?

Why Non Marking Tyres? What and Why? White Forklift Tyres OR Non-Marking.  maybe you have seen some forklift trucks wearing white forklift tires and pondered the motivation behind why they are white. Well white forklift tires or as they call them non-marking forklift tires are essentially tires that leave much less checks on the floor than the customary ones.  […]

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