Inspired and Dedicated team, to give quality a new definition. We aim to supply innovative and reliable tyres & tracks, committed to excellence.

Ace Ventura Tyres & Tracks are committed to deliver high quality products conforming to global standards, exceeding customer expectations through constant process enhancements.

We understand & are aware of the customer’s main concerns i.e. quality, price, lead time, consistency and service, based on which we invest our time, effort and resources so that the customer gets the most out of it.

Who are we

Ace Ventura Tyres & Tracks belongs to Suraj Auto Gas founded in 1993. Suraj Auto Gas has gained immense expertise in offering installation service for CNG and LPG kit fitting for four-wheeler, second hand cars, etc. Headquartered in Pune, Suraj Auto Gas also started selling tyres for truck, bus, four-wheeler, etc. in 2012.

In view of increasing demand of infrastructure facilities in India the demand for construction & specialized equipment has been increasing day by day hence to fulfill this demand Suraj Auto Gas also started supplying Tyres for Material Handling, Construction Equipment, Go Kart, ATV and Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavators & Combine Harvesters under entity named as “Ace Ventura Tyres & Tracks”

Ace Ventura specializes in design, develop & supply of Industrial Tyres & Tracks. The tyres and tracks are produced in our own registered brand ACETRAX® supplied in India and exported all over the world.

The name Ace Ventura meaning ‘of The Highest Quality‘ and ‘Good Fortune‘. We deliver measurable and effective creative solutions to complex business challenges through a marriage of experience-driven strategic design & technology.

We are a family owned business and is into automobile industry since last 27 years, enhanced our business to include a comprehensive range of tyres & tracks. Our solid passion and innovative practices have established us as a leading supplier of industrial tyres & tracks.

Our Vision is to be a recognized leader in the global automotive tire & track industry. We will ensure highest level of enthusiasm in our partners-customers & suppliers through continuous improvement in products & services.

Based on our technical expertise we aim to exceed customers’ expectations

Product quality starts in the design phase. Sometimes, certain quality specifications from a customer is the driver for development of a new wheel and tyre solution.

Our specialized in-house engineering team focuses extensively on innovative & quality product.

To ensure robust business processes, process compliance and sufficient documentation, implementation of our ACE VENTURA Quality Management System is high on our agenda. We monitor performance, analyze statistics, conduct root cause analysis and initiate actions to continuously improve and focus on excellence.

Our Guiding Principles

Our operating principles define how we do business. They drive our thinking, actions, processes and benchmarks. They keep us focused and remind us that we are committed to progress, but not at all costs.

Long-term cooperation and development


Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements.


Our activities are suitable for all types of businesses to lead to success.

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