Ace Ventura Tyres and Tracks specializes in providing ready-to-fit Foam Filled Tyre and Wheel Assemblies, specifically designed for boom lift applications. Our solutions cater to popular brands like JLG, GENIE, HAULOTTE, SNORKEL, and more.

Our foam-filled tire and wheel assemblies are designed for swift installation, eliminating downtime to keep your equipment in operation. We ensure OEM-standard tires, wheels and tire fill for precise fit and exceptional quality.

Acetrax offers a unique design that ensures high traction and even wear, reducing tire wear and minimizing vibrations. This is especially beneficial for boom lifts that operate in both forward and reverse directions.

Our wheel assemblies come ready to fit and are available in both black and non-marking options. Additionally, we maintain an inventory of over 100 SKUs, ready to meet your immediate needs. With our “Rim Exchange Program,” you won’t have to wait for tire foam filling, guaranteeing zero downtime for your machinery.


  • 100% Puncture Proof
  • 2-3 time more life than Pneumatic Air-Filled Tyres
  • Zero Downtime
  • Consistent Performance
Acetrax® Foam Filled Tires & Wheel Assembly
Acetrax Foam filled Boom lift tires

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Our expert teams ensure the highest standards of quality, safety, and consistency in foam filling tire processes. With reliable raw material supply and continuous facility upgrades, we meet market demand and maintain our global reputation as a leading tire supplier. Committed to excellence, we strive to uphold this philosophy for the future.

Sizes Available


Machine Model Tire Size Rim Size Number of Holes
JLG 600A, 600AJ, 660SJ 14-17.5 10.5×17.5 8 Holes
JLG 600A, 600AJ, 660SJ 15-19.5 11.75×19.5 9 Holes
JLG 600A, 600AJ 355/55D625 11.75×24.5 9 Holes
JLG  800A, 800AJ, 800S, 860SJ, 80 HX 15-19.5 11.75×9.75 10 Holes
JLG  800A, 800AJ, 800S, 860SJ 18-625 15.00×24.5 10 Holes
JLG  800A, 800AJ, 800S, 860SJ 15-625 13.00×24.5 10 Holes
JLG 120HX 445/65D22.5 (18-22.5) 13x.00×22.5 12 Holes
JLG 120SXJ 445/65D22.5 (18-22.5) 13x.00×22.5 16 Holes
JLG 1350SJP, 1200SJP, 1250AJP, 1500SJ 445/50D710 15.00×28 16 Holes
GENIE S80, S85 385/65D22.5 (15-22.5) 11.75×22.5 10 Holes
HAULOTTE HA32PX 385/65D22.5 (15-22.5) 11.75×22.5 8 Holes

Note: Customized foam filling for tires of all sizes.

Ready to Fit Foam Filled Tire & Wheel Assembly available in stock (under rim exchange program)