Foam Filling is a cutting-edge two-component system designed to revolutionize tire performance. By completely eliminating air from the tire cavity and replacing it with a liquid polyurethane rubber, foam fill enhances your equipment’s capabilities in ways you never thought possible. With its exceptional features, this innovative solution ensures your tires remain flat-proof and sidewall cut-resistant, while maintaining the flexibility and resilience of traditional air-filled tires.

Gone are the days of costly and time-consuming tire repairs or frustrating downtimes due to flats. Foam fill’s advanced formulation guarantees that your tires will never deflate, even in the face of harsh conditions. No more interruptions to your operations – with Foam filled tires, your equipment can operate at its peak efficiency, maximizing productivity and minimizing costly disruptions.

The benefits of Foam Filled tires extend far beyond their impressive durability. With no reliance on air pressure, these tires maintain their optimal performance, eliminating the risk of under-inflation or over-inflation that can negatively impact tire life and fuel economy. By providing a consistent and reliable contact patch, Foam Fill helps to extend tire lifespan, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and improved overall efficiency.

Say goodbye to the inefficiencies and frustrations of conventional air-filled tires. By embracing Foam Filling technology, you’ll experience a new level of productivity, while reaping the financial rewards of reduced downtime and tire repair expenses.


  • 100% Flat Proof
  • No Downtime
  • Extended Tire Life
  • Consistent Performance
  • Improved Fuel Economy
Acetrax® Foam Filled Tires & Wheel Assembly
Acetrax foam filling service

Acetrax® Foam Filling For Mining Tires

In underground mining operations, tire longevity can be influenced by maintenance practices and operational factors. Damage from cuts and impacts is a common reason for tire removals, whereas wear-out is less frequent. Therefore, prioritizing tire maintenance becomes crucial, as even extending tire life by a month can result in substantial cost savings for the mining operations.

While monitoring air pressure is important for all tires, underground equipment is particularly vulnerable to wheel and rim damage, leading to air loss. The tight corners and narrow drifts in mining operations make rim and wheel components more susceptible to damage. Among these components, side rings (flange rings) are frequently affected. Side rings support the tire bead, which in turn supports the entire tire structure. Any damage to this support system can significantly impact tire performance and lead to premature removal.

Recognizing these challenges, Ace Ventura specializes in high-quality foam filling for mining tires used in various applications such as LHDs, Shuttle Cars, Roof Bolters, Wheel Loaders, and more. Mining applications subject tires to severe conditions, and tires are both expensive and critical components for underground machinery. By opting for Ace Ventura’s foam filling services, you can ensure that your mining tires are puncture-proof, effectively avoiding costly machine downtime.

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