Foam Filling is a two component system where all the air is removed from the tire cavity and is replaced with a liquid polyurethane rubber. The liquid in the tire cures at room temperature to a soft, resilient rubber that allows the tire to maintain the flexing characteristics of a conventional air filled tire.

Tires with foam will not deflate due to puncture or sidewall cuts. Foam Fill allows equipment to operate at maximum efficiency as it reduces downtown time due to punctured/flat tires. Foam Filled tires also helps extend tire life as the tire will not be subject to change in air-pressure, so the tire does not run  under or over inflated, which can also improve fuel economy.

Down time and tire repair costs are substantially reduced when using tires filled with foam while efficiency and productivity are improved.


  • 100% Puncture Proof
  • No Downtime
Acetrax Foam Filled Tyres & Wheel Assembly
Tire Foam Filling Service

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

With the support of our expert teams and a direct, reliable supply of raw materials, our facilities processes the foam filling of tires to the highest standards of quality, safety and consistency. We are continuously upgrading our facilities with the latest technology, and expanding our production capacity responding to market demand.

This approach has made us a worldwide renowned supplier of quality tires and we are committed to this philosophy for the future.

Machine Model Size
JLG 600A, 600AJ 14-17.5
JLG 800S, 800A, 800AJ 15-625
JLG 800A, 800AJ 445/55D19.5
JLG 1350 SJP, 1200 SJP, 1250 AJP, 1500SJ 445/50D710
GENIE Z60, Z62/40 355/55D625
JLG 600S, 600SJ, 660SJ 15-19.5
GENIE Z80 18-625
GENIE S40, S45 12-16.5
GENIE S80, S85 18-625

Note: Sizes not mentioned above can also be supplied & foam filled 

Acetrax Foam Filling For Mining Tyres

Underground mine tires generally do not last as long depending on the operation and their maintenance practices in the mine. In our experience, the main reason for tire removals in underground operations is damage from cuts and impacts. There are much fewer tires removed due to wearing out.

Basically, for underground mining tires it is more important to focus on the tire maintenance. Getting another month on a tire can save the mine a lot of money annually.

Although checking air pressure is a crucial part of maintaining all tires, underground equipment is more susceptible to wheel and rim damage allowing for air loss. This is due to the conditions the equipment operates in while mining the material. The drifts are just wide enough for the machine and the corners are tight causing rim and wheel components to damage easily.

On underground equipment, side rings (flange ring) are damaged more often than any other operation. The side ring supports the bead of a tire, in return supporting the rest of the tire. When you take this support away, you are damaging a tire and more than likely it will be removed prematurely.

Considering all these factors, Ace Ventura does quality foam filling in the mining tyres for LHD, Shuttle Cars, Roof Bolters, Wheel Loaders, etc. The mining applications are severe ones and tyres are the most expensive at the same time key part of a machine for underground application. Considering this Ace Ventura keeps your tyre puncture proof and ultimately avoids the downtime of the machine.

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