We are committed to provide extraordinary value to our customers. We built our reputation on excellent customer service and products of superior quality and reliability. Acetrax® Solid Telehandler & Boom Lift Tires deliver the ultimate in performance, reliability and value making ACETRAX® solid tires the ideal choice for Telehandlers, Boom Lifts, etc

As a contractor, your biggest concern is avoiding puncture tires on your telehandler & boom lift. So, it makes sense to look for tire solutions that cannot get punctures/flat even when they are damaged.

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ace ventura solid telehandler and boomlift tyres

ACE-01 (R4)

ACE-01 (R4) skid steer tyre pattern

ACE-02 (Non-Directional)

ACE-02” Non-Directional All Terrain Pattern ACETRAX


  • Specially designed for Telehandler & Boom Lifts
  • Manufactured in state-of-art facilities
  • Constructed with heavy duty rubber compound
  • Superior stability and durability compared to foam-filled tires
  • Equivalent Ready to Fit Solid Tire & Wheel Assembly available for Telehandler & Boom Lifts


  • Guaranteed 100% puncture proof
  • Enhanced reliability & stability
  • Less downtime & lower cost-per-hour
  • Resistance to abrasion, cutting & chunking
  • Maximum performance in the toughest conditions

Acetrax Solid Tires

Solid Tires can handle cuts and chunking without compromising the integrity of the tire. And when it finally does come time to replace them, a new tire can be mounted on the existing rim.

Made entirely of a consistent rubber compound. This means there is no air to leak out of the tire no matter what type of damage the tire gets. They never get punctured under any circumstance.

Solid telehandler & boom lift tires include traction, stability and extended wear life. Extra deep tread stability compared to pneumatic tires and foam filled telehandler tires. Since the rubber compresses at a consistent and predictable rate when it’s loaded it increases stability. This means operators will have more control over the loads they’re carrying at extended reaches.

Sizes Available

Boom Lift

305-546 LSW385/65D19.5385/65D22.5