Press on Band Solid Tires excel in carrying heavy loads effortlessly, making them ideal for demanding industrial environments. Their solid construction ensures outstanding stability, providing reliable traction and maneuverability, thereby enhancing safety during material handling operations.

These tires are specifically designed to deliver enhanced traction and grip on diverse surfaces. The solid build of the tires offers remarkable resistance against punctures, cuts and tears, leading to extended tire life and minimized downtime.

Cushion press-on tires, available at Ace Ventura, are characterized by a steel band with a rubber cushion moulded around it. Common tread patterns include either traction or smooth, and both patterns are available in black and non-marking compounds.

With a focus on reliability, stability, and superior traction, our Press on Band Solid Tires are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and maximize productivity in material handling operations.

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ace ventura press on band

Acetrax POB – Smooth

Acetrax POB – Traction


  • High-performance natural rubber compounds for superior tire performance.
  • Enhanced traction for improved maneuverability in various applications.
  • Chunk and tear-resistant design ensures excellent wear and maximum tire life.
  • Low rolling resistance reduces fuel and energy consumption.
  • Easy adaptability to confined warehouse spaces for seamless maneuvering.

Sizes Available

10 x 5 x 6½16 ¼ x 6 x 11 ¼
14 x 4 ½ x 818 x 6 x 12 ⅛
14 x 5 x 1018 x 7 x 12 ⅛
15 x 5 x 11 ¼21 x 7 x 15
16 x 5 x 10 ½21 x 8 x 15
16 x 6 x 10 ½22 x 9 x 16
16 ¼ x 5 x 11 ¼22 x 12 x 16