Scissor lifts play a crucial role on construction sites, while also offering a practical solution for vertical elevation in various other industries. One key aspect contributing to their efficiency and safety is the quality of the tires they rely on.

Among the options available for scissor lifts, solid rubber non-marking tires stand out, especially suitable for smooth, clean surfaces commonly found indoors or in storage areas.

Ace Ventura Tyres and Tracks offers a solution to this critical aspect, providing top-quality, durable tires to ensure the smooth and safe operation of scissor lifts, especially in indoor settings. Our inventory boasts top-quality, non-marking solid wheels designed to meet the specific needs of scissor lift platforms.

Puncture resistance and durability are key features of our solid rubber tires, making them ideal for electric models predominantly used indoors. Our scissor lift non-marking tires are available in non-marking white and grey colors.

Download Catalogue: Acetrax® Scissor Lift Tires
Scissor Lift Equipment

Scissor Lift Tires


  • High quality rubber compound
  • Bonded to rims
  • Non-marking tread
  • Extensively tested for durability


  • Puncture resistant
  • No downtime
  • More load-carrying capacity
  • Longer lifetime than pneumatic tires

Sizes Available:

SizeMachineModelPart no.
10 x 3GenieGR12, GR15, GR2057998
12 x 4.5GenieGS1530, GS1532, GS1930, GS1932105122
22 x 7 x 17¾GenieZ30-20N, Z34-22N94908G (8H)
22 x 7 x 17¾GenieZ30-20N, Z34-22N94909G (9H)
15 x 5GenieGS2032, GS2046, GS2632, GS2646, GS3232, GS3246105454
406 x 125JLG2032E2, 2646E2, 2632E2, 3246E22915013
12.5 x 4.25JLG1532E2, 1932E24860182
16 x 5JLG2030ES, 2032ES, 2630ES4520176
323 x 100JLG1230ES, 1930ES2915012
15 x 5HaulotteCompact - 10N, 10, 12, 142820302890
15 x 5DingliJCPT1212, JCPT1412, JCPT1614-
230 x 80DingliJCPT0607-
16 x 5 x 12SkyJackSJ3220, SJ3226, SJ4626, SJ4632125785
16 x 5 x 12SkyJackSJ3220, SJ3226, SJ4626, SJ4632125786

At Ace Ventura Tyres and Tracks, our tire range encompasses all major leading brands, including JLG, Genie, Haulotte and Skyjack among others, ensuring we cover your specific scissor lift needs. If you’re unsure about the best option to choose from, lean on our decades of experience in the field – we know these machines inside and out.