Solid Skid Steer Tyres

Acetrax® Solid Tyres are built for maximum performance in all types of terrain and operating conditions. We combine superior technology, skilled manufacturing and premium materials to develop a product you can trust. Our goal is to eliminate your downtime.

Our aperture design is specifically designed for heavy loads, providing a smooth, cushioned ride without bounce associated with pneumatic tyres. The unique design reduces operator fatigue and offers greater stability control.

Acetrax® Solid Tyres deliver the ultimate in performance, reliability and value making ACETRAX® solid tyres the ideal choice for skid steer loaders

solid skid steer tires







Acetrax Solid tyres are gaining use in the scrap yard, glass recycling, wood product manufacturing, mining and materials handling industries. The ability of solid tyres to resist punctures, cuts and snags, which limits machine down time due to repairs, is just one of many reasons for their growing use. They are also designed for longer service life under extreme conditions. End users have found that down time equates to a loss in productivity.

In addition to being puncture-proof, solid tyres eliminate the need to maintain proper air pressure. Other advantages are high load capacity and increased wear resistance.

Acetrax Solid tyres brings an opportunity for cost savings to construction sites. Their durability helps reduce damage to tyres by inexperienced machine operators.

Acetrax Solid Tyres is an engineering innovation solid tire. It has 3-layer composition that includes a rigid base compound with bead wire running throughout for additional durability, followed by a cushion compound with shock-absorbing relief holes and a hard outer tread layer for improved puncture resistance. Extra Deep Tread apertures offers superior cushioning effect then the competition.

Acetrax solid rubber tyres include comprehensive range of sizes and application specific tread patterns. Whether you need something that will stand up to the most demanding environments or something economical for everyday use, we can match you with the best tyres for your needs.

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