Acetrax Solid Twin Wheel Assembly is specially designed for excavators running on waste and recycling locations. The assembly consists of pair of tires mounted on rims with spacer in between to avoid any dual touching. This twin assembly provides superior life as well as resistance against damages and punctures.

This tire pattern enhances tread cleanout for better traction on softer surfaces. It is the ideal solution for mobile excavators working in industrial situations. The solid base of the tires ensures optimal puncture-resistance. The large contact area reduces tire stress and uneven wear for maximum durability.

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Solid Twin Wheel & Tire Assembly

Solid Twin Wheel & Tire Assembly
Solid Twin Wheel & Tire Assembly


  • High-Quality Wheel
  • Solid Spacer and Large Contact Area
  • Reinforced Sidewall Protection
  • Excellent Traction


  • Reduced Tire Stress
  • Improved Uptime
  • Maximum Stability & Durability
  • Extended Tire Life

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Designed specifically for waste and recycling locations, Acetrax® solid twin wheels offer unparalleled durability and puncture-proof protection. With our unique tire assembly featuring a pair of tires mounted on rims with a spacer in between, Acetrax® minimizes the risk of damage by ensuring no dual touching. Bid farewell to frequent and unplanned tire changes, as our reliable solution maximizes productivity and keeps your operations running smoothly.

Acetrax’s® innovative tread design enhances traction on softer surfaces while facilitating easy tread cleanout. The solid base provides optimal puncture resistance, eliminating worries about scrap cuts and unexpected damages. worries about scrap cuts and unexpected damages. Our tread design not only ensures slower wear but also extends the tire’s lifespan by providing casing protection. The wide footprint of Acetrax® tires guarantees reduced wear rates, while the wide blocks effectively minimize cut risks.

Experience the difference of enhanced durability, improved performance, and fewer tire-related challenges. Take your operations to the next level with Acetrax® – the ultimate solution for excavators in waste and recycling locations.