Non-Marking tyres are white forklift tyres that are designed to keep dirt, residue, and marks off of warehouse floors.
These tyres can be both cushion and solid pneumatic, but they have more floatation and a softer compound that glides across the ground.
Tires for forklifts come in a variety of sizes and shapes.
It takes some investigation to determine which tyres are ideal for your business.
Let’s take a closer look at Non-marking tyres to get a better understanding of the product.

To eliminate floor marks, non-marking tyres replace the soot commonly found in tyres with silica.
During the manufacturing process, anti-oxidants are infused to produce UV protection comparable to that of standard forklift tyres.
In most cases, retailers will buy these tyres to avoid unsightly black marks.
The visual appeal of a retailer’s success is dependent on the appearance of its storefront.
These tyres can also be found in airports, food processing plants, and medical facilities.

Keeping Non-Marking Tires

Because these tyres have a softer compound than most black tyres, they will wear out twice as quickly.
Because of the need to remove soot, the use of non-marking forklift tyres will result in increased replacement cycles.
The black residue is used in the manufacturing process to increase the durability of the tyres.
The good news is that these tyres perform exactly like standard forklift tyres.


Reduce floor marks, particularly on warehouse floors with light- colored coatings and finishes. Reduce Cleaning requirements for industrial floors The tire’s core and base are similar to a dependable cushion tyre. Ideal for use in medical/clean rooms. Black tyres have similar performance characteristics. Because silica-based compounds are used, excellent traction, low rolling resistance, little heat build-up, load carrying capacities, and tread life are maintained.


Costs more than standard forklift tyres

Wears twice as fast

Shorter life expectancy

Anti-static properties are non-existent.
As a result, when working in flammable or explosive environments, the equipment must be equipped with earthing straps.

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